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H. Hargrove
H. Hargrove's accomplishments are many. Over one million of his paintings are displayed in homes throughout the world. He today ranks as one of the country's most-collected and renowned living artists. Hargrove has painted over 100 limited editions, and most have completely sold out!
In 1996, he was honored to create a commemorative painting for the centennial Olympic Games. "From Athens to Atlanta" is one of the artist’s most celebrated works. In 1999, he was again honored to create a work celebrating the Women's World Cup Soccer tournament.
H. Hargrove has been featured on television, radio and in magazines throughout the world. He has appeared on the NBC Today Show, FOX Television and local network and public television. He was honored by an invitation to our Nation's Capital by the United States Marines Corps in a special showing of his work at the Pentagon.
Referred to by some as a poet with a brush: by others, as a compelling visual storyteller H. Hargrove has captured the hearts of America for over twenty-five years.
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