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Adeline Halvorson
Adeline Halvorson knew at an early age that she wanted to be an artist. In her rural upbringing, animals played a very important role. Her entire working life has been dedicated to her career through experimentation, endless reading and hours of practice. She has developed techniques entirely her own, first in pastel, then in acrylic, for her art, prints and posters.
She spends most of her time researching and creating the art, prints and posters she markets to a growing group of collectors. Adeline Halvorson enjoys the variety of diverse subjects - floral, still life, dogs, or a childhood scene, and most often, her favorite equine subject matter. Years of riding and grooming horses has given Halvorson a knowledge of anatomy and muscle movement that her painting skills bring to life on the canvas.
Within her art, prints and posters, the shapes and movement of muscle, variety and texture of harness and trappings, as well as the horse and its interaction with its human counterparts provide endless artistic inspiration for Adeline Halvorson, who grew up with a love for one of the world's most beautiful animals.
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