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Jenny Newland
Jenny is able to capture the personalities of the animals she paints because she spends time observing and interacting with each one. In many of her puppy and kitten paintings, she has included one or more of her friend’s pets, and some of her own too.
Viewers often remark upon the highly photographic effect Jenny achieves in the medium of acrylic paint. Combining airbrushing with traditional brush techniques, she brings a startlingly lifelike quality to the animals she paints. The secret to conveying such realism, the artist explains, lies in expressing the mood and personality of each subject through its eyes.
Jenny Newland has also donated work to non-profit organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, California Feline Foundation and the Humane Society. She also donates her time to teach art classes for elementary children and is also a member of the Sunshine Singers group, who sing for senior citizens in convalescent homes in the surrounding area.
“God has blessed me with this talent and I hope others are blessed by it.”
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