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Lynne Pittard
Lynne Pittard has successfully built a reputation as an artist who paints with passion and versatility. Once she began her first strokes to a canvas, she amazed everyone with paintings that expressed beauty, life and feeling.
Armed with boundless energy she was drawn immediately to teaching oil painting and sharing it with others. Best known for her TV series “Painting With Pittard”, Lynne concentrated her energies on creating over 130 painting shows that aired nationwide on PBS for over 16 years. For twenty years Lynne traveled and taught workshops in over thirty states and authored eight instructional books on painting. Her ability to express and share with others made her an instructor of National Television acclaim.
Each art work speaks for itself with vibrant colors and the ability to capture a moment in time or a special mood. Her versatile style favors realistic impressionism. Her passion for painting is second only to her faith in God. She strives to capture the beauty of His world in order to touch the hearts and souls of those who view her paintings through the silent language and mastery of her brush.
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