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Lori Schory
Artist Lori Schory’s work is distinctively alive and uniquely eye-catching, beautiful and trend setting. Her artwork draws upon the beauty found in nature. Lori is able to work in many styles and mediums.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, to talented, artistic parents, Lori was introduced to the broad spectrums the art world has to offer at an early age. She experimented with many art techniques, mediums and styles. Both parents proved to be invaluable influences on her artistic growth as her artistic career progressed.
Lori continually builds upon her early exposure to the arts, her college education, and her many years of diverse professional experience, in tackling every artistic assignment she encounters. Along the way, she has excelled in such unique and rewarding assignments as: Head Scenic Artist on the movie set for A Thousand Acres; a participant in a juried Collaborative Art Initiative at the New York Feminist Art Institute, NYC; and she has been sole proprietor of Lori’s Signs & Graphics for twenty years.
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