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Ann Tristani
Inspiring the world... one painting at a time.
An artist to the very core of my being, it wasn't until recently, after a childhood of appreciating and exploring the world around me, a college career studying art and biology, and then marriage and raising four children, that I was at last able to let loose a lifetime of pent-up artistic passion.
Although my oil paintings vary greatly in subject, they all exude a sense of comfort and hope. Whether I paint the shadows in a landscape, the radiance of a flower, or the nostalgia an object evokes, my images satisfy a longing for truth and beauty, and often reflect the values and simplicity of days gone by.
I feel an obligation to use the artistic talent God has bestowed upon me, offering it to the world as a means of "awakening ones soul to a sense of the eternal... inviting one to wonder, to savor life, and to ponder beauty" (Pope John Paul II).
I paint in a lovely studio at home in Maplewood, Minnesota, where I live with my husband Mark, our children, Catherine, Lucas, Alex, Maria, and our dog Lulu in a pretty yellow house surrounded by flowers.
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