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Deb Collins
Deb explores the ever-changing world of nature in her paintings. “When viewing a scene, no two moments are exactly the same,” she explains. “How could you ever become bored with Mother Nature as your project planner?”
Her life and art was significantly changed at one point by a hummingbird. “Several years before I began in watercolor, a hummingbird died in my hands. I cried as if it were a pet I’d loved for years,” she remembers. “When I sat down to create the painting which was to be my first lithograph I chose hummingbirds as my subject. Ever since, I have felt compelled to hide a little hummer in most of my works. It is always the last thing I do, just before my signature. Possibly, my greatest satisfaction comes from children who run up to my booth at shows happy to see ‘the hummingbird lady’.”
The combination of Deb’s love for nature and her wide-eyed view of all that is special in our natural world are interlaced beautifully through all her works.
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